Hearts of Hope

  • May 11, 2015

Welcome to the Hearts of Hope Foundation. This foundation was founded by Rebecca Lawlor who believes everyone should dedicate their time to a cause they believe in.

After years of trauma at the hands of people she trusted, Rebecca Lawlor has chosen to use her own story of abuse and ongoing healing to bring an issue that is often kept silent into attention.

She took her love for fashion and her passion for helping children and found a way to bring the two together with the founding of the Hearts of Hope Foundation Inc. The foundation is a 501(c) 3, a non-profit organization based on the premise of bringing solid hope to children who have been abused.

Rebecca aims to make a difference and spread awareness for childhood abuse prevention by inspiring others through her courage to break the silence. Through her enormous healing potential, Rebecca has made the voyage from trauma victim to triumphant survivor with the creation of her initiative, the Hearts of Hope Foundation. Her “Each Heart Helps” campaign is intended to unveil the harsh realities of abuse and spread education for the prevention of trauma to children.

“Each Heart Helps” promotes the sale of Rebecca’s Signature Glass hearts – patented glass heart with a gemstone placed inside – with proceeds going to support the Hearts of Hope mission. In addition to fundraising, this campaign is intended to promote action and motivate others to join in the mission to end abuse worldwide.

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