• May 11, 2015


Moved by the power of film to tell compelling stories, Rebecca Lawlor has served as Executive Producer and acted in feature films developed by award-winning writers and led by award-winning directors.


In 2014, Rebecca Lawlor was named Executive Producer of “40 Nights,” a powerful feature film that explores the excruciating physical and emotional tribulations faced by Jesus Christ. “40 Nights” is produced by Collective Development Incorporated, whose CEO DJ Perry has been involved in the production of more than 50 feature films across various genres. Other actors in the film include Rance Howard, father of actor/director Ron Howard, and known for roles in “A Beautiful Mind,” “Nebraska” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”


Rebecca Lawlor played Parthenia Sunderlin in 2002’s “Wicked Spring,” which chronicled the 1864 battle of the Wilderness where three Union soldiers and three Confederate Soldiers get separated from their units as twilight engulfs the ravaged battlefield. The men wander alone through the dangerous woods, separate of each other, until they meet by chance on the banks of a quiet creek. The men meet and spend the night around a campfire, not realizing they are enemies until the next morning when the sun rises and a new day of battle begins.

In 2001, Rebecca played Floyd’s mother in “The Flock.” When a family moves across the street a young girl thinks she has met the man of her dreams. Prompted by an unsettling discovery she tries to uncover the truth behind her boyfriend’s suddenly strange behavior.

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