Feature film “40 Nights” produced by Rebecca Lawlor explores the trials experienced by Jesus Christ in the wilderness

A feature film highlighting the humanity of Jesus and the fight between good and evil through the lens of an in-depth exploration of his temptations and sufferings during his 40-day fast and journey in the wilderness has been released on Netflix and is available at Target and Walmart.

“40 Nights” is a powerful film taking an in-depth look at a little-studied time of Jesus’ life that everyone can identify with, said Executive Produce Rebecca Lawlor, who also played the part of the Temptress in the film. Lawlor is a resident of Williamsburg, Va., and a noted entrepreneur, philanthropist, actress and producer.

“40 Nights to me is basically showing the fight between good and evil because Jesus Christ walked in the desert for those 40 nights and it shows and how he fought that antagonistic relationship with Satan,” Lawlor said. “It shows how in each of our lives we really are under attack and going to have times of tribulation and difficulty.”

Lawlor’s longtime friend DJ Perry, an independent producer involved in the production of more than 40 films across various genres, plays the part of Jesus Christ. Rance Howard, the father of actor and director Ron Howard and known for roles in “A Beautiful Mind,” “Nebraska” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” plays the part of the Devil as an old man.

The film tells the story of a small piece of the Jesus saga that begins with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and continues through his quest into the wilderness. 40 Nights shows Jesus reflecting on his upbringing and the events that shaped his life, continuing through his temptations by the Devil and his strengthening for the real journey ahead.

Lawlor recalls the genesis of 40 Nights as a conversation she had with Perry, where she called him up and asked to do “something great” because they had always talked about that.

40 Nights

“40 Nights was 20 years in the making and a lifelong dream come true,” she said.

A key theme of the movie is how spiritual strength overcomes physical weakness. In the Biblical story, Jesus overcomes the temptations of Satan by reciting Scripture, reinforcing the importance of the Bible in daily Christian life.

“Satan operates in little lies,” Lawlor said. “`Why don’t you try this?’ or `Why don’t you try that?’ The little lies get in and when you’re not spiritually strong you can’t fight that. Satan comes and slithers in, no pun intended, and tries to come into your life just a little bit. Before you know it, you’re full-fledged into committing sin.”

What 40 Nights shows is that Jesus Christ in his humanity relates to our struggles with temptations and sin, but emerges triumphant on the power of God’s word and strength, Lawlor said.

“I think that’s so important because we really deal with that in our lives,” Lawlor said. “I haven’t always picked good. Our life here is a journey so I think that 40 Nights is a perfect marriage — that story of us on earth and our temptations and our recognition that our life is not easy. we can use Christ as a tool to help us walk in this journey and tell our story.”

The film is directed by Jesse Low, the son of missionaries who grew up in Papua New Guinea. 40 Nights is being distributed by LightWorx Entertainment, headed by faith-based movie industry veteran Randy Maricle, who is best known for his work with “God’s Not Dead.”

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40 Nights – The Movie

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